I have a brightly lit supermarket lobby with a beautiful girl passionate embrace, then, we returned from the unfamiliar strange, like the sea swim shoulders swim two fish Karson Choi... ...

We teach children to sing "little rabbit obediently, the door open ... ... do not open not open I do not open, my mother does not come back, the door children can not open." - unknown may contain the factors that hurt us, so we total strangers There is some guard against the heart, the fact is indeed the case: 2001, a sunny noon, I District Government in Shenzhen, a small park outside the look at the "Southern Metropolis Daily", a bit younger than me and I struck up a conversation Chat, the other conversation is not vulgar, but also with the End of the World reduced people, then some sympathetic feeling, and then AA system lunch, and sad reminder of the story began. Afterwards, how I entered the customs from outside the customs, how to play to reach the temporary residence, has no memory, but the phone and the camera did not, the loss of nearly six thousand dollars cuboid mini 80w mod.

We do not know anyone at birth, so all acquaintances start from strangers, or in Shenzhen, I almost every day in a supermarket fast food restaurant, from one day, the store more than the door A bit to sell "nine chain", "Kong Ming lock", "ring" like puzzle or magic toys, young people. I often because of bored and onlookers, know that he is a veteran, Sichuan, a weekend, we meet dinner, the time is coming, he called to say that he is Hongling police station. It turned out that he went to a secret pass by appointment, see a thief smashed cars to steal, they shouted, thieves escape, the hot pursuit of more than a thousand meters of the capture, and twisted to the police station. After the owner arrived at the police station, readily took out six hundred yuan, please let us go to solve the lunch, and asked to leave the phone, claiming to re-Xie. The man is a refused, no money did not leave their own phone, the road also put the "vice president" of the business card is also thrown away, I said money can not, the phone does not matter to leave Yeah, that high car Owners may really help you after it! My friend still shook his head. That day, I am determined not to AA system, but spent sixty yuan invited him to drink wine. His name is Pu Zhaoan, sound and facial expression is still vivid in my mind, lost contact has been more than a decade, I wish his life wishful.

Many public places are erected relevant departments of the signs: "Please do not strike up a conversation with strangers, beware of being taken." China's criminal law reform in recent years, from the people involved in the "guilty presumption" to the "presumption of innocence" transition, but these signs are the opposite, some people say that this is the authority "lazy thinking "Under the product, some people say that their starting point is good. But in a strange place to see this notice, I feel the first heart of a fierce tight, and then everywhere be careful, as if wearing less clothes in winter, to see everything is cold.

I quite agree with this view: this world is not many good people born, born bad guys are not many, most of them feel good but few good deeds, occasional evil but confined to the moral and legal and not to implement Of people. If we all donate, we will not be guilty of donation, if the people around have a "pilfering" habits, we may be "evil" and accustomed to. We are not the leaders of society, we are just one sheep in the flock. Once, I and my colleagues in an old mountain area to ask the way, the other afraid we were wrong, led us to go for several kilometers, where a number of days experience, let me sigh: "Here the human goodness." In the bustling urban heyday, "do not speak with strangers" has been deeply rooted. This is because what? Who is responsible for this bounce house rental?

In fact, we can not do without strangers, as in the absence of strangers in the primeval forest, you will step by step startling the same. We can not do without a stranger while rejecting a stranger, hoping that strangers with us to maintain a "safe distance." Whether or not willing to contact, which is hidden inside our social value system, the degree of recognition. In fact, in the hearts of sinister psychological guidance established "acquaintance of the world", cooked is only a picture of the face, the heart, we are still strangers, even strangers than strangers, because we are only strangers defensive psychology, While those acquaintances smile, but hidden in the hostility and murderous ... ..